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  Average Draft Position (ADP) Stock Watch

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Referenced below is the stock watch for the Week of August 14, 2017. Our top riser -- big surprise -- was Darren McFadden who saw a 42-position jump in his ADP this week compared to last week. That is a 3 1/2 round jump in typical 12-team fantasy leagues!

Frankly, that jump is probably still not high enough. At 119, that places DMC as a late 10th-round pick, compared to the 14th round selection his ADP warranted just a week ago.

Still, if you invested an early pick on Zeke Elliott, you are almost certainly going to have to address his current six-game suspension much earlier than the 10th round. Condisering that McFadden still looks like he could be very productive in filling in for Weeks, you almost have to approach this in similar fashion to what Le'Veon Bell owners did last season when taking DeAngello Williams as early as the 6th round.

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