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   Daily Fantasy Football Week 2

May 22, 2024
Al Lackner

Recap of Week 1

Let's first take a look at my lineup from Week 1 -- and review how I did.

Daily Fantasy Leagues Week 1

Notes: Not to shabby. The only outright stinker here was the Saint Louis -- eh hem -- Los Angeles defense. I would have liked to have gotten more out of A. Robinson, but at least he was not a total bust. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with my results -- and made some money in a couple of different contests in which I submitted this lineup.

Week 2 Lineup

Here is what I put together for Week 2.

Daily Fantasy Leagues Week 2

Notes: This week I elected to roll with some Bets Bets -- and my usual plan of trying to identify value. For example, I have CJ Anderson ranked as the #2 fantasy RB this week, but he was priced as the #5 RB. I have Eli ranked as the #2 fantasy QB this week facing that ridiculously awful New Orleans pass defense, yet he was priced as the #9 fantasy QB. I love that value!

As we have seen, the safest high-dollar players are typically WRs. So I went ahead and spent a king's ransom on Beckham. I also love that double-dip with Eli against the aforementioned New Orleans secondary.

A sneak peak: Yeldon and Mathews will appear as Starts in our Sit or Start column tomorrow. Jarvis Landry has historically played well against the Pats, and I like his bargain basement price. How can you not LOVE the Seattle defense against a Rams offense that looked inept on Monday night?

Wish me luck!

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