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  Summarized Rankings from 2017

What is this and why do I need it?

The below is a snapshot -- really, an extensive summary -- of how each player performed at his respective position in 2017. Each columns shows where the player ranked versus other players at his position in the respective category. The categories are as follows:

Elite: Finished as weekly a top 5 player.
Startable: Finished as a weekly top 12 player. For example, a wide receiver ranked as a WR1.
Playable: Finished as a playable fantasy option. For players where you start 2, that means that the player finished top 24 at his position.
Season: Ranking of how the player finished the 2017 season overall.
Avg: Ranking of how the player finished the 2017 season in terms of average weekly score.
Median: Ranking of how the player finshed the 2017 season in terms of medain weekly score.

The overall order is based on a cumulative ranking.

So, in our table below, looking at QBs, we see that Russell Wilson finished 2017 as a top 5 weekly fantasy QB the most times among QBs, a top 12 weekly fantasy QB the second most most times, a top 24 fantasy QB (in leagues where you can start 2) the most times; he scored the most fantasy points of any fatasy QB in 2017, had the second-best average weekly score, and the second highest median score. When combining all the rankings, he finished as our #1 2017 fantasy QB.

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