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Game By Game Analysis for Week 20

Our Game-By-Game Analysis provides a detailed look at every game this week. We observe how the teams in each game match up against each other on offense as well as defense.

Each analysis is completed with a predicted winner for each game, including the projected point spread.

The Games

Visitor @ Home Sunday, Jan 20 2019, 3:05 PM
When the Rams have the ball
Rams OffenseSaints Defense
AVG Passing Yards: 251.4375  AVG Passing Yards Allowed: 242.7500
AVG Passing TDs: 1.75  AVG Passing TDs Allowed: 1.3750
AVG Rushing Yards: 122.0625  AVG Rushing Yards Allowed: 111.6875
AVG Rushing TDs: 1.0625  AVG Rushing TDs Allowed: 0.6875
AVG Sacks Allowed: 1.75  AVG Sacks: 2.6250
AVG Ints Thrown: 0.4375  AVG Ints: 1.2500
AVG 3rd Down Conversion: 0.4151  AVG 3rd Down Conversion Allowed: 0.4104
Offensive Penalties: 6.6875  Defensive Penalties: 6.7500
When the Saints have the ball
Saints OffenseRams Defense
AVG Passing Yards: 270.875  AVG Passing Yards Allowed: 237.4375
AVG Passing TDs: 1.4375  AVG Passing TDs Allowed: 1.3125
AVG Rushing Yards: 129.375  AVG Rushing Yards Allowed: 122.3125
AVG Rushing TDs: 1.4375  AVG Rushing TDs Allowed: 0.9375
AVG Sacks Allowed: 1.25  AVG Sacks: 3.0000
AVG Ints Thrown: 0.5  AVG Ints: 1.1250
AVG 3rd Down Conversion: 0.3443  AVG 3rd Down Conversion Allowed: 0.4057
Offensive Penalties: 6.5625  Defensive Penalties: 6.3750
Computer-Generated Score Computation

Rams Over Saints: 25.5-24.81

Visitor @ Home Sunday, Jan 20 2019, 6:40 PM
When the Patriots have the ball
Patriots OffenseChiefs Defense
AVG Passing Yards: 288.6875  AVG Passing Yards Allowed: 258.1875
AVG Passing TDs: 2  AVG Passing TDs Allowed: 1.4375
AVG Rushing Yards: 118.0625  AVG Rushing Yards Allowed: 118.1250
AVG Rushing TDs: 1  AVG Rushing TDs Allowed: 0.9375
AVG Sacks Allowed: 2.1875  AVG Sacks: 1.9375
AVG Ints Thrown: 0.5  AVG Ints: 1.0000
AVG 3rd Down Conversion: 0.3961  AVG 3rd Down Conversion Allowed: 0.4010
Offensive Penalties: 5.9375  Defensive Penalties: 6.6875
When the Chiefs have the ball
Chiefs OffensePatriots Defense
AVG Passing Yards: 270.375  AVG Passing Yards Allowed: 269.9375
AVG Passing TDs: 1.625  AVG Passing TDs Allowed: 1.5000
AVG Rushing Yards: 118.9375  AVG Rushing Yards Allowed: 114.7500
AVG Rushing TDs: 0.75  AVG Rushing TDs Allowed: 0.3750
AVG Sacks Allowed: 2.3125  AVG Sacks: 2.6250
AVG Ints Thrown: 0.5  AVG Ints: 0.7500
AVG 3rd Down Conversion: 0.3768  AVG 3rd Down Conversion Allowed: 0.3961
Offensive Penalties: 7.375  Defensive Penalties: 6.9375
Computer-Generated Score Computation

Patriots Over Chiefs: 26.68-22.5

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